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Charming sight like no other and a memorable experience into the heart of the Danubian Plain [video]

Amongst the fairy curves of the Cherni Lom river and into the heart of the Danubian Plain, a miraculously beautiful village resides. An exquisite scenery of impressive cultural landmarks and greenery await the visits of both experienced travelers and new friends seeking to discover places with unique charm.

Many centuries ago, large groups of monks chose to inhabit the wild rocks in the natural park and make them their abode. Today, the region attracts more and more tourists each year in search of exciting memories for their touch with this paradise spot.

Welcome to Koshov!

This small village offers a variety of activities and entertainments that one can find provided by nature or the comfortable building of hotel Rusenski Lom. If you are curious to discover what makes turns this place into aheavenon Earth, then watch the video above and feel the nature calling you to come to visit.

Moreover, if you find yourself wishing to discover more of the natural beauty, take a look at the rooms in our hotel and see if you can find available and proper one for you.